Singing Lessons conducted in a caring and friendly environment.

Proper singing techniques and public performance preparation.

All of our lessons are conducted in a caring and friendly environment so that our students feel comfortable and confident, regardless of whether they’re beginners starting from scratch or advanced performers.
We teach all styles including classical (opera, operetta, Lieder and art songs in German, French, Italian, Swedish and Norwegian) and contemporary (musical theatre, songs from classic films and Broadway, jazz, blues, popular music and rock).  We teach singers, actors, public speakers, teachers, anyone who depends on a healthy Voice Production in their daily life.

You will be taught:

  • A healthy basic and proper singing technique
  • Breath control
  • Preparations of repertoire - all styles
  • Preparations for exams at all levels
  • Preparations for auditions
  • Interpretation
  • Microphone technique
  • Performance technique
  • Preparations for public performances.
Students can also enjoy guidance and assistance when preparing for upcoming auditions for scholarships, competitions and productions. Part of this training includes learning about the entertainment industry.
In addition, students are given the opportunity to perform in yearly public concerts. And singers who are ready to enter the professional world of entertainment can be represented by our Agency, UMPA (Universal Music Productions of Australia).
Reach us by tram, train, car, bicycle if you like or even Skype online.  AOS wants singing to be accessible to everybody.

We'll help you find your voice and confidence.

We'll help you progress further.

We'll help your young child to develop a healthy and strong voice.

SOMEONE WHO WANTS TO SING BUT TOO SCARED TO START or never had the time or opportunity to do something about it?

We can help you learn how to sing and to achieve your goal.

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