Annika Tregonning

HEAD TEACHER, Academy of Singing Melbourne

Contemporary, music theatre, classical

Annika Tregonning is an experienced singer, musician and teacher. Annika has trained for over twenty years in the art of singing, at the Victorian College of the Arts and privately with international singing stars Suzanne Johnston, Monique Brynnel and Jon Weaving. Annika has performed in many different environments from gigs to solo recitals, cabaret productions, operas, music festivals, events, albums, film scores and commercials.

Annika performs and teaches all genres of music.  “It gives me so much joy to help people improve their vocal technique so that they can perform confidently at their full potential in live performances, auditions or exams.  I love working with everyone from complete beginners to professionals alike.  I teach singing in all genres.  This includes contemporary styles (rock, country, folk, pop, soul and jazz) musical theatre (operetta and jazz age standards, golden and post golden age standards, Broadway, contemporary mixed, pop, rock, belt, Disney) and classical (early music, baroque, art song, lieder, sacred, operetta, classical, opera)”.

Annika is a creative, knowledgeable, passionate, fun and supportive teacher. “I teach students the necessary skills and confidence required to create a great performance.  Techniques such as breathe control, articulation, posture, tone, timbre and intonation.  I also teach how to interpret the text and context of a song. After all singers are just actors that just sing their lines”.  Read what some students have said about Annika.

Skye Isabella
"Meeting and working with you has had a profound affect on me and a journey I hold dear to my heart. Thank you for your ongoing support, encouragement, fantastic knowledge and humor as I pursue my singing passion."

Nerida Hannah
"My lessons with Annika were absolutely fantastic!  The environment she creates is very comfortable, perfect when wanting to learn. Her way of teaching is positive, encouraging and ever entertaining as well as tonnes of fun. She impresses as a knowledgeable and creative teacher. I have loved being able to advance in my technique and learn from her."  

Stephanie Kuczer
"I have been learning with Annika for over 12 months now, and every lesson has been a complete delight. Annika is a wonderfully supportive teacher, and she enjoys your success just as much as you do! I would recommend the Academy of Singing for anyone who is interested in learning to sing. Whether you're new to singing, you're seeking a singing career, or you're looking for a place to indulge your passion - the Academy of Singing is the perfect place to learn."

Rafaela Cleeve Gerkens
"I have loved my experience having lessons with Annika at the Academy of Singing. She is a wonderful teacher who is extremely knowledgeable, skilled and encouraging. She has helped me so much with my placement and breathing and is always kind and patient.  I would highly recommend the Academy to those hoping to improve their singing in a positive and enjoyable environment."

Emily Browne
"Thank you Annika, I really feel like I'm getting somewhere with my voice. I know I've got a lot to go but someone is extracting it out of me finally!! thank you!"

Dominique Godfrey
"Annika, I can't begin to tell you what a gift you've given me in teaching me to sing.  Thank you so much for your patience and your generosity."

Annika is also deeply interested in performance psychology and how to best mentally prepare for competitions, performances and auditions. Annika is a trained massage therapist and she uses this body knowledge to help singers wholistically release their voice to its fullest potential.

Recently Annika co-wrote and performed on the short film score, ‘A Fairytale Life’ with Brad Buenen for Audacious Dreaming, which premiered at the Davis Feminist Film Festival in Los Angeles.  Current creative projects include working with Rebecca Hart on circus music composition for Donna Stevens double wheel act, recording a solo album of classical and music theatre repertoire, performing with Judi Conelli and other artists for the ‘Concert for the Animals’ and will be next will be performing a solo voice recital.

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